Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Tenjune is called Tenjune

Mark Birnbaum is a figure that everyone from celebrities to regular partygoers associate with a fun night out in New York City.  He is the cofounder of EMM Group, one of the biggest hospitality fixtures in New York since its launch in2006.

EMM Group has become one of New York’s biggest management companies through the work of Mark Birnbaum , Eugene Remm and the entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein. After years of exceeding standards, they have become leaders in the scene. Their initial nightlife endeavor was “Tenjune” which is a club in the middle of the Meatpacking District and one of the most desirable locations for many celebrities and fun loving party goers.

They also brought another expansion in 2009 into the hotel-lounge industry as The Chandelier Room at the W Hoboken Hotel. Mark Birnbaum and his business associates unveiled a newer addition from their mushrooming portfolio and it was Abe & Arthur’s, a restaurant near a boutique nightclub SL on W 14th Street. All their establishments are top-class and the excitement level found there is very unbelievable.

Incidentally Tenjune got its name because both Mark and Eugene have birthdays on June 10. When they celebrate it, you know everyone's having a blast.

Friday, December 14, 2012

US Weekly profiles Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm

Mark Birnbaum and  Eugene Remm have been friends for a long time, and business partners for years. They have done a lot between opening Manhattan's Tenjune and the lounge SL, have also recently opened Abe & Arthur's restaurant in the Meatpacking District. This also gives them more time to work out. Remm says, “People focus so much on spending money on clothes. If they went to the gym instead, their clothes would fit three times better than paying for some random expensive designer.”

Little known fact: Mark Birnbaum owns a rare pair of Converse, designed, and even signed by John Varvatos himself. “He made four pairs, and I got one of them. They’re like an art piece, so I put them in a glass display case,” he says.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm are business partners and best friends

Athletes Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have made a great partnership.
Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm have been friends for a long time. More importantly they have been successful business partners with their joint venture of EMM Group. They built their friendship on hard work and common goal. Some could make this situation work while others haven't.

Teamwork is important as well a shared vision of achievement. It's important to make all the different personalities click together. There are some great quotes bout individuals working together to achieve something much greater.

·       “We have different personalities and different skills and the kind of things that we do, we can do together that neither of us can do separately. We’ve been working together so closely that it’s kind of hard to decide what’s my work and what’s her work, it’s ours really.” Guy Burgess

·       “Amy Poehler and I have been friends for so long, we’re like Oprah and Gale. Only we’re not denying anything.” Tina Fey

·       “I love Salma Hayek, we’ve been friends for a really long time. I admire how she has come such a long way and always remained grounded and who she is. She never compromises to follow her vision and she is loyal. Such qualities only mark the great stars.” Penelope Cruz

·       “Jennifer and Lisa [Kudrow] and I ate lunch together every single day for 10 years.” Courtney Cox

·       “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” John D. Rockefeller

·       “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's great when two people can work together, because the strength of one will make up for the weakness of the other.

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