Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mark Birnbaum- Which is the best way to market the nightlife industry?

The right marketing technique is crucial, when trying to get the word out about a nightlife venue, and make it sound promising. There are many factors that should be taken into account, in the promotion and marketing of the nightlife industry.

Those factors are essential, in order to grab the attention of the intended customers. Such campaigns are usually aimed at a certain population and hence are niche-oriented. Therefore, the campaign should be devised according to the niche.

The layout of the message being delivered, should be easy on the eyes, and should convey the key points easily.

There are many ways to send or convey these messages to the public such as; fliers, ads which will be published on social media channels, on posters, or in newspaper ads.

The basic structure should appeal instantaneously. Start the offer with the main image, which should tell the core of what is being promoted. The Image should be relevant and related to the theme of the nightlife event.

What follows next is the action area, which should guide the target audience in terms of what to do. For example, the action should prompt the reader to buy the tickets, and the ways to do it. Lastly, give all the details about the event, in the description box. 

Mark Birnbaum is an iconic figure, in New York’s hospitality industry, whose impeccable marketing and management style has brought him and the EMM group, great heights of success.
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