Monday, May 5, 2014

FINALE is one of the star attractions of the famous EMM group

The EMM group is known as one of the most prominent event management companies in New York. Over the years, they have made a huge mark for themselves; by establishing world famous night clubs and fine dining restaurants.

FINALE is one of the main attractions of the EMM group. Two other famous EMM group outlets; the General and the Jazz room, are also accommodated in the same building as FINALE. The building itself is considered a landmark in its own right.

FINALE’s 6,000 sq. ft. area is one of its most outstanding attributes. The space is ready to host any kind of event or party at any time. It boasts of superior audibility with a 12’ X 6’ video wall.

Mark Birnbaum was one of the founding members of the group, and he has played a vital role in taking the group to new heights, which is where it is today.

Music, food and live performances, are a mainstay factor in all of the outlets of the EMM group including; lounges, clubs, and restaurants. And it’s thanks to Mark Birnbaum’s contribution, that this dream became a reality.

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