Friday, August 5, 2011


As the Meatpacking District club approaches its fifth anniversary in September, this weekend, Tenjune, on Little West 12th Street, will unveil a $400,000 facelift. The culmination will be a live performance Saturday by the rapper Fabolous.


"January and February are the slowest months of any business," said Eugene Remm, one of the owners of the EMM Group. "It's the perfect financial time to make renovations."

Tenjune was the EMM Group's first venture in September 2006. (EMM is also Michael Hirtenstein and Mark Birnbaum.) Now they own, among other locales, Abe & Arthur's, SL and a new venue, Lexington Brass, which will open this spring. Five years ago, said Mr. Remm, "I was just psyched to have a job."

As for some of the changes you'll see at Tenjune: the entryway has been completely redone, "so you'll have no clue you're walking into the Tenjune you've been walking into for the last five years." A feature wall that wraps around the room which used to have images of waves now shows lions, gorillas and semi-nude women. An advanced LED lighting system has also been installed via hanging panels above the dance floor. (Like the original Tenjune and the rest of the EMM Group properties, the refurbishings were designed by iCrave.)

Mr. Remm said that the layout of the room hasn't changed, "it's still the perfect hybrid nighclub. It's big enough, but small enough." Investors in the original Tenjune, he added, "have been paid back 400 percent. If someone invested in Tenjune, they are very happy people."

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