Friday, January 11, 2013

Mark Birnbaum History

Mark Birnbaum

Mark Birnbaum is out to reach the sky’s limits. Together with Eugene Remm, Birnbaum created a Manhattan nightclub that no one ever thought would last. Opening Tenjune in August 2006, the upscale 5,000 SF club in the Meatpacking district bolstered revenue of $12 million in 2007. 

Your average individual would have been satisfied with the pot and consider themselves a lucky person, but not Birnbaum and his partner. EMM Group is the name given to the pair’s new ventures, which includes restaurants, lounges and a luxury concierge service. There’s even a house used for private gatherings and parties! EMM Group has now rose to a $30 million per year company with 30 employees. Michael Hirtenstein, a partner of the two men, joined the group in 2008. Hirtenstein owned a Wall Street telecommunications company before selling it in 2005 for $270 million.

After Mark Birnbaum teamed up with Remm after rival birthday bashes. Together the men raised $800,000 to open the Manhattan upscale nightclub. The timing couldn’t have been better- Fashion Week and the MTV Video Music Awards were just around the corner. A P. Diddy hosted book launch party began the nightclub’s road to success, where names such as Beyonce and Jay-Z making the list of celebs in attendance.

The duo’s concierge service opened in late 2007 and the following summer an eight-bedroom Sag Harbor home with a price tag of $3.9 million attached was purchased. They even run the Chandelier Room in the W Hotel in Hoboken, NJ! When Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy the duo was ready, putting $2 million to secure the three-floor restaurant and club space now available. And, it was only one block from Tenjune! Abe & Arthur’s is another of the EMM Group ventures. This restaurant serves the finest $88 porterhouse steaks your money could buy. It also produces annual revenue of $10 million for the team!

Talk about a few good men that you can’t keep down! But, when you find something good you stick to it, and each and every one of the operations lives up to the highest of expectations and desires. The clubs, the restaurants and hotel serves the best of the best and leaves them impressed.

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