Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year from Mark Birnbaum!

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Obviously, everyone celebrates the new year differently, but we all use it as an opportunity to start new. For some, it means making resolutions. For others, it's about letting go of their troubles that haunted their last year. After all, it's a new year, and we want to embrace all the new opportunities that are there for us.

Tenjune saw a lot of amazing people come out this New Year's Eve and celebrate. Everyone who came had a great time and was happy celebrating their own way, whether with champagne, countdowns, or kisses. Everyone was excited and thrilled to say goodbye to 2012 and a warm welcome to 2013. Whether that excitement about the new year continues remains to be seen.
The nightlife is always vibrant for New Year's. However, the better question is how vibrant will your daylife be. Will you truly make a change for this year? Too often, people make too many promises to change after not changing all year. So this year, try to focus on only one thing that you want to improve on and make it better.

By: Mark Birnbaum

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