Monday, January 28, 2013

Mark Birnbaum Lean Thinking Tools for Success

Mark Birnbaum Success

The success that the EMM group found success in the nightlife business in New York through constant improvement. Mark Birnbaum is a believer of constantly improving and working on the process to attain success. Whether related to business or personal health, it's important to put efforts towards it.

Lean Thinking

Lean is often described as a set of tools to help businesses remove waste from their processes. If you compare a business to a person, it's the equivalent of taking care of your body and exercising.
It's important that everyone in the organization is motivated, inspired, and empowered for the business to have the continuous improvement that these tools will provide. If Mark Birnbaum or his team didn't share that passion, the progress that built up EMM would have little impact on the long-term growth.
Mark Birnbaum Tools for successAlthough relatively young, Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm understand that it is important for the leaders and managers to cultivate a culture of excellence. For their restaurants and clubs to be the premier venues they are, it starts at the very top going all the way to the details that create the excellence. Ultimately, this mindset on improving, eliminating waste, and focus on long-term has allowed the customers, the stakeholders, and the business to benefit. 

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